BhaktiCD - Lectures and Music

Our site gives an opportunity to order disks with lectures and music. All materials on a site are connected by one subject - development and perfection of the man as the spiritual person. The materials are devoted to yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, east, in particular to Indian music...

Unfortunately, I can not make translation of all site yet, but you already can receive the English version of the catalogue of a site. Its feature that from it are removed all "only Russian" the disks with lectures . The catalogue in the special, very convenient format specially created for a storage of the large collections mp3. For viewing the catalogue, it is necessary to you to receive the small program.

In the catalogue you can find: music for meditation, religious and ritual bhajans, songs of devotion... Best western and east executors are collected! In section of lectures, you may see disks with lectures of Indian monks (Swami), courses and seminars on various spiritual themes.

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