Maxim Meister
Searching for the Present

Everyone of us has his Path that is to be passed, but we turn to our accustomed tracks with dead-ends.

Everyone is given one big Love, but we hurry and change it for many small loves.

And everyone has his Home we can return to if we go along our Path and dont lose our Love.

About author

Maxim Maister writes in Russian language but his books, stories and fairytales are international because devoted to the most important questions for a human: who am I? what is this world Im ended up in, is there a meaning of life? Many questions that everyone is searching answer to. It is impossible to give to others ready answers to such questions because everyone has to find the answers on his own. We can only help a bit and to give a hint, to create an image so that by looking upon it one at once exclaims: Here it is!

Thats what Maxim Maister, a writer and philosopher, does creating images, sharing his experience and vision of the world through fairytales and parables. He simply shows a layer or a plane of our life but the conclusions are up to the readers.

The author himself does not call himself a writer, but rather an explorer of life. And indeed every text of Maxim Maister is not only a work of art but also a reflection, exploration of one or the other the main question.


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